2018 Signing of the Syndicated bank Loan Facility Agreement for the Company and Subsidiaries on July 2, 2018.
         RSS Factory at Tebing Siring, South Kalimantan began to operate.

2017 On September 7, 2017 PT SAI has acquired shares of JAWA from SKA. JAWA has completed its Tender Offer payments in November 2017 which the process began since October 2017,

2015 The Company's second CPO mill at Marabahan, South Kalimantan began to operate.

2014 The Company's second CPO mill in South Kalimantan was in completion stage.

2013 SKA bought 19% shares ownership from ALS, therefore SKA ownership became 70,5% in Company and ALS no longer became the Company's Shareholder.

2011 The Company listed his stock (Initial Public Offering) in Indonesian Stock Exchange, with code JAWA

1997 - 2008 Development of Palm Oil Plantation in South Kalimantan and in the year 2008 the Company's first Palm Oil Factory at Kintap, South Kalimantan began to operate.

1987 The Company's name changed into PT Jaya Agra Wattie

1921 Established with the name Handel Maatschappij James Alexander Wattie and Company Limited, strated its bussiness as trading company that evolved into operating and managing Rubber, Coffee and Tea plantation in Java. Since its establishment the Company owns Rubber and Coffee processing Manufacture.